Metro Security Force Inc was incorporated in the State of Alabama, in 2007. Metro Security Force Inc is a local owned and operated security contract company. We remain a medium size security company by choice to better service our clients. We have a management support staff that would rival a company with double the number of security officers. Our corporate headquarters is within the Jefferson County area, allowing the President of the company and top level managers to be immediately available to answer client concerns and resolve problems as they occur. We are innovative, aggressive in our attempts to obtain the goals we have defined, always seeking further knowledge, and always challenged.

We are frequently called upon to assist clients in a wide range of security areas. These areas include everything from pre-employment background investigations and workplace threats, to nightly foot patrols and special-event security. We handle each investigation and security operation in a highly professional manner, so you can be assured that your situation will be resolved successfully and confidentially.

Effective & Creative Management

It is an often quoted maxim at Metro Security Force that the fundamental key to our business success is our effective and creative management. Through policies and procedures, staff managers must have the ability to lead and formulate a company environment where each employee's internal motivation can flourish. Management understands that in order to provide total quality service to all of our clients, we must provide total quality support to our employees.

As a service organization, our personnel are well trained, supervised and specifically selected for each client. A challenge to all of us, and one that is met successfully each day

The Metro Security Force Inc Philosophy

Metro Security Force Inc philosophy is simple, Professionalism in every area. This philosophy is in every aspect of the company. The company's size, our experienced management, and a commitment to total customer satisfaction gives Metro Security Force Inc. an excellent position in the market.